A Genuine Free Bingo Experience

Just like searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, in the online gaming world free bingo is more often that not just as elusive.

Bingo operators are a savvy bunch that will try just about anything to acquire new customers. Often these methods involve ‘bending’ the rules of advertising standards a little, especially when it comes to free bingo.

Very often, sometimes via TV ads or perhaps paid search marketing, players are enticed by the offer of these free games. Unfortunately though after having signed up to the brand a player will find that these games were little more than a carrot dangling from a stick.

A usual scenario is that the player arrives at the site boasting the free games, only to find that the bingo is only ‘free’ if the player makes a deposit at the site. Usually from a legal perspective the sites operating these tactics will be ‘just’ on the right side of the law. The player however, will generally feel a little used and disappointed.

The problem with free bingo is, as the name suggests, players do not pay to play and therefore the scope for revenue generation is very limited. This is why ‘no strings’ attached free bingo is pretty rare.

We’ve searched high and low for places where you can play and one of the best places to play is Free Bingo Land.  This site has no facility to take payments and operates only as a genuine free to play site.

What we particularly like about Free Bingo Land is the fact that they offer some very generous prizes to their players. Those who play enough to generate a sizeable points balance will be able to redeem those points for prizes such as Amazon vouchers, credit at well known bingo sites or even pledge a donation to Cancer Research!

The software in use at FBL is currently proprietary, meaning you will never have seen it in use elsewhere. The game play is very much the same as what you will have already seen at many different bingo sites and the software even boasts a spin the wheel feature.  In this case, the spin the wheel system is utilised as a clever way to revitalise a users points balance once it has become depleted, the point at which on a pay to play site the user would be required to make a deposit.

As with a regular pay to play site, Free Bingo Land prides itself in offering regular promotions to players, these promotions currently include ‘Amazon Showers’ which takes place every Wednesday evening and offers the winner of the JP an Amazon voucher!

Membership of this site also brings you rewards in terms of excellent deals at pay to play sites. Some of these deals are exclusive and will offer you a better deal than you would get by going direct.

You will also find a comprehensive collection of reviews featuring just about every bingo site available to the UK market. These reviews also feature ‘Community Reviews’ too, where all members can post their opinions about any given site.  All in all, we thoroughly recommend Free Bingo Land as a bingo destination!