Is there such thing as Free Bingo?

You may feel that free mobile bingo sounds too good to be true. Some people feel that nothing is really free and perhaps that the companies only offer free games to tempt you to spend money with them. This may be the case for some and actually it can be really useful. If you are deciding whether or not to deposit some money on a site then playing one of their games will help you to know what the site is like and whether it is worth depositing the money or not. However, this is not always the case.


Many mobile apps make their money from the advertising within them. Some people may find the adverts annoying but it is the way that the person running the site gets an income and they want to be able to do this. Many people would prefer to have advertisements rather than pay for an app. However, you may have the option to pay for the app and get rid of the advertising or could choose to buy an app that has none. You will find that there is a big selection of bingo apps and some will be free and some will not. It is a good idea to read the reviews in order to decide which of these will be the best for you. It can be a good idea to download several of the free ones and try them out in order to see what they are like and what you like and dislike about them. You will then be able to compare them in order to choose the best one for you.

If you pay for the app, you may still be able to play bingo for free, after that initial cost. There will not be any cash prizes though on an app that is free to play. There will not be enough revenue generated for paying out any cash prizes. This means that if you want to win prizes, then you will have to pay to play bingo, rather than playing for free.

Therefore, there is such a thing as free bingo but you should not expect to win anything when you play. You may even have to buy the app if you want it to be free of advertisements. If you want to win prizes then you will need to be prepared to pay for the game that you play.

What are deposits and why are they important in Bingo

We hear a lot about matching deposits, no deposit bingo games and things like that in reference to bingo but it can be rather confusing, especially to someone who has not played before. Therefore we have set out to explain more about it to help those that do not know.

A deposit is the amount of money that you put in your bingo account. In order to pay to play bingo you need to have money in your bingo account. Each app or website that you play on will have a separate account. Therefore you will need to make a deposit in each account on each site that you play, if you want to pay to play a game. Every time you play a game, the cost of it will be taken away from the deposit in your account and winnings will be added into your account.

no deposit bingo games

Some sites will match your deposit. This means that if you pay in $10 they will put in $10 as well. This normally is only the case with brand new accounts to try to encourage you to play on the site. The free bonus often has to be completely played through, plus any winnings from it, before you can make withdrawals. Rules are often rather complicated with regards to this and it is wise to make sure that you get a total understanding of what they are before you make a deposit. The free money is often put there to encourage you to play a lot so that you get used to the site and start to enjoy the games and want to make more deposits.

No deposit sites are basically free games. So you can play bingo without having to pay out any money. This means that if you are not prepared to spend money on a bingo game or cannot afford to, then these sites are good for you to use. It can be that a site has a mix of free and paid games. The free games tend not to have any prizes. This can put off some players, but it is important to realise that if you have no budget left to spend on bingo or if you just cannot afford to pay to play, then the free games can be a great choice. They can also be really useful if you want to try out a website before depositing any money as you can play for free and get a feel for the games first.

How to choose the Best Bingo Site

There are many bingo sites out there and it can be difficult knowing how to choose the best one. It can be tempting to just click bingo sites here and start playing. This will certainly get you a bingo game and will be really quick. However, if you want the best possible bingo site, then it is worth spending a bit longer in choosing.

Best Bingo Site

The first thing to do is to look at the reviews. If you are playing an app, then you will see the reviews in the app store. If you are looking at online games, then there are sites that review bingo sites that you will be able to look at as well. Try to take less notice of the overall score that they give it but pay attention to the specific information they give. You want to see what features the site has and how good people think that they are. This will help you to be able to see the differences between the sites and work out whether you think that they will be fun for you.

It can be a good idea to see whether you will like the site by visiting it. You may not want to pay to play a game until you are sure but just look at the pages on it, the features and the theme and see whether you think that you will like it. Some sites have games that are free to play, which you could have a go at to see what you think of the way that it works.

Keep checking up to date information about new bingo sites. You may find that there are new sites around which you will find are more fun to play. Read the reviews and look at the sites, try them out if you can so that you know whether you want to change to playing on a different site or not. You may even find that after a while you fancy having a bit of a change anyway and play on a different site for a while. You may try a brand new site or just go to an older site that you have never played or have not played for a while. It can keep the games more fresh and fun as well as giving you the chance to try a different site to see whether you think that it is better.

Tips on How to Win at Bingo

Many people that do not play bingo think that there is no skill to the game and that whether you win or not is just down to luck. You may just think if you click play bingo games here it will make no difference to where you end up. This is not actually the case as there are a number of things which can influence your chances of winning. Assuming that you know how to play the game, there are no skills to learn with regards to the rules of the game, but you can still have an influence on your chances of winning.

Win at Bingo

Number of cards

Each bingo card has an equal chance of winning. This means that if there are ten players, including yourself and you all have a card each, you have a one in ten chance of winning. However, if everyone have one card and you have two, then you have a two in eleven chance of winning. Let’s say you buy five cards and everyone else still has one. You will have a five in fourteen chance of winning now that is a much better chance. Obviously you will not know how many cards the other players have, but if you buy the maximum then you will give yourself a much better chance of winning than buying just one. This will cost more money though and may mean that you cannot play as many games, so it depends on whether you are playing to win or playing for fun. As if you are playing for fun, you will want to fit in as many games as you can afford, but if you are playing to win, you want to give yourself the best possible chance by buying as many cards as you can.

Number of players

If a game has a lot of players, then your chances of winning will be much smaller than if there is just a small group. Therefore it can be a good idea to try to find a way of playing when there are not many players. This could be mainly to do with the time of day that you choose to play. You will tend to find that early in the morning there will be less players form your country playing as well as during the working day, compared to evenings and weekends when it will be busy. However, if it is an international site, then timings will be different and you may have to monitor for a while to find out when the best time to play is.

How to find the Biggest Bingo Jackpots

If you play mobile bingo or online bingo and like big jackpots, then you may often be looking around for them. The sites available to play on do vary and the prizes and jackpots do as well. They may also change with time, in that some jackpots get won and replaced by smaller ones, which means that you may want to then look and find another one. It may seem tricky to keep finding them, but it could be easier than you think.

play mobile bingo

There are some bingo websites which provide reviews of bingo sites and will also keep an eye on the jackpots. If you find some of those sites, then it could be useful to bookmark them and return to them regularly to keep an eye on where the biggest jackpots are. You could also look at some review sites as they may have this sort of information as well. There are people that blog about bingo too and they may have latest news on where to find the best online bingo jackpots as well. Some jackpots are rolling and so change all of the time and you will need to make sure that you keep as up to date as you can.

It may be worth just searching ‘biggest online bingo jackpots’ and see whether you get some useful sites there as well. You may get some historic news about jackpots that have already been won but you may also find news of sites which have high jackpots that would be useful to you. It may also be useful noting which sites in the past have had the best jackpots as it is possible that they may get good ones again in the future.

After searching a while, you will find that there are certain sites that have better jackpots than others. This will mean that you can just check the jackpots on those and not worry about doing such a big search each time. This will save time, as you can just check a few, but there is a risk that some of the sites may suddenly announce big jackpots or new sites may start up that have big ones and so it is worth checking more some of the time as well.

You will need to search regularly to keep ahead of where the best jackpots are this could take some time. However, it will be well worth it if you find the best games to play and end up winning a great jackpot prize.

A fusion of work and leisure with bingo

Bingo players come from all backgrounds and enjoy the game at their pace, thanks to the power of the internet. Bingo is a relaxing activity that can really help you pass your time away. Bingo has become a favorite amusement for many. It doesn’t matter what your gender or social status, chances are you’ve played bingo.

Today, many people are enjoying this game as their favorite recreation from the comfort of their own homes. It also helps you break out of stressful bearings, where everyone seems to be breathing down your neck. As humans, we can only deal with so many challenges and setbacks before our mind demands that we switch gears, so to speak.

Don’t leave yourself without new experiences, especially when they can help you win money on the side. While it’s guaranteed that you’ll win something, it’s part of the fun trying to figure out if today will be the day when you can make that big win and talk about it with your friends.


Where does it end? Well, in order to win a lot you need to start gaming on a good bingo site and one such website is GameVillage. Just click to know more about what the site provides you with and the variety of bingo and casino games available. These games can be played and accessed at all times and tickets to the bingo rooms can also be pre-bought anytime before the game commences.

There are various other features here as well, which include freebies in various promotions, interactive themes and graphics, entertaining chat rooms, an online radio and much more.

The site offers newbies a massive bonus of 400% on their first deposit, which means as soon as you deposit £5 you get to play with £20. That’s not all, you also get a free spin on the Fortune Wheel where you are guaranteed to win additional prizes. After which, there is a bonus of 200% on your second deposit and 300% on the third deposit. Existing players get to make use of daily bonus offers that range between 100% to 250% either in bingo or casino bonus.

So just enjoy playing your favorite games at GameVillage and also get a chance to benefit from the various promotions on the site.

What Do Top Players Really Know About Bingo

Bingo players come from all backgrounds and enjoy the game at their pace, thanks to the power of the Internet. If you want to join this circle of happy players winning real money on the side while doing what they enjoy, you have to understand what the top players know about bingo. First and foremost, the best bingo players know that a site can truly make or break their experience. So they want to play at the best sites that allow them to experience the game to the fullest, even if they aren’t going to deposit a single pence.

This is the beauty of no deposit sites; you get to check them out on your terms. No one will require you to show up at a certain time, and no one will ask that you deposit a certain amount when you do decide to take that step. If you don’t want to deposit right away, you won’t be kicked off the site.

no deposit bingo

Want to win real money? That’s when you’ll have to deposit some cash to have “skin in the game”, but there’s nothing that says that you can’t demo things beforehand. This amazing no deposit bingo site is just one example of a site that truly understands what top players want and crave from their experience.

Bingo is a relaxing activity that can really help you pass the time away. It also helps you break out of stressful situations, where everyone seems to be breathing down your neck. As people, we can only deal with so many challenges and setbacks before our minds demand that we switch gears, so to speak.

Don’t leave yourself without new experiences, especially when these experiences can help you win money on the side. While it’s not guaranteed that you’ll win anything, it’s part of the fun trying to figure out if today will be the day where you have something extremely cool to talk about with your friends!

Where does it start? Well, in order to win anything you need to start going to a good no deposit bingo site. Checking it out while it’s on your mind helps; you don’t want to forget about winning big, you know!

A Genuine Free Bingo Experience

Just like searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, in the online gaming world free bingo is more often that not just as elusive.

Bingo operators are a savvy bunch that will try just about anything to acquire new customers. Often these methods involve ‘bending’ the rules of advertising standards a little, especially when it comes to free bingo.

Very often, sometimes via TV ads or perhaps paid search marketing, players are enticed by the offer of these free games. Unfortunately though after having signed up to the brand a player will find that these games were little more than a carrot dangling from a stick.

A usual scenario is that the player arrives at the site boasting the free games, only to find that the bingo is only ‘free’ if the player makes a deposit at the site. Usually from a legal perspective the sites operating these tactics will be ‘just’ on the right side of the law. The player however, will generally feel a little used and disappointed.

The problem with free bingo is, as the name suggests, players do not pay to play and therefore the scope for revenue generation is very limited. This is why ‘no strings’ attached free bingo is pretty rare.

We’ve searched high and low for places where you can play and one of the best places to play is Free Bingo Land.  This site has no facility to take payments and operates only as a genuine free to play site.

What we particularly like about Free Bingo Land is the fact that they offer some very generous prizes to their players. Those who play enough to generate a sizeable points balance will be able to redeem those points for prizes such as Amazon vouchers, credit at well known bingo sites or even pledge a donation to Cancer Research!

The software in use at FBL is currently proprietary, meaning you will never have seen it in use elsewhere. The game play is very much the same as what you will have already seen at many different bingo sites and the software even boasts a spin the wheel feature.  In this case, the spin the wheel system is utilised as a clever way to revitalise a users points balance once it has become depleted, the point at which on a pay to play site the user would be required to make a deposit.

As with a regular pay to play site, Free Bingo Land prides itself in offering regular promotions to players, these promotions currently include ‘Amazon Showers’ which takes place every Wednesday evening and offers the winner of the JP an Amazon voucher!

Membership of this site also brings you rewards in terms of excellent deals at pay to play sites. Some of these deals are exclusive and will offer you a better deal than you would get by going direct.

You will also find a comprehensive collection of reviews featuring just about every bingo site available to the UK market. These reviews also feature ‘Community Reviews’ too, where all members can post their opinions about any given site.  All in all, we thoroughly recommend Free Bingo Land as a bingo destination!

Guess who is playing Bingo?

Bingo has become a popular pastime for many. It doesn’t matter what your gender or social status, chances are you’ve played bingo. Today, many people are enjoying this popular pastime from the comfort of their own home by logging onto an online bingo site. Given the extent of bingo’s appeal, it’s no wonder what also many celebrities are also enjoying online bingo. In fact, there’s a good chance that you’ve played with a celebrity without even knowing it.

Music pop star Robbie Williams is a long-time fan of online bingo. He’s even gone so far as to donate some of his winnings to help fund breast cancer research. Kerry Katona, a former member of the pop group, Atomic Kitten, also is a huge online bingo fan. The sports arena is also no stranger to online bingo fans. Many football players have admitted their fondness for the game. For instance, David Wheater, a defender for the Middleborough football team, has been known to play online bingo.

Sharon Osborne is another celebrity who likes to kick back and relax with some online bingo playing. Sharon finds the pastime a great outlet from the demands of her busy professional life. Denise Van Outen, the TV presenter is also a fan of online bingo. Catherine Zeta-Jones is another fan of bingo. Catherine seems to prefer 75 ball bingo over the 90 ball version and has been known to play online as well as host bingo parties in her home.

Online bingo is also enjoyed by the royal family. Queen Elizabeth is known to play bingo for fun as is her grandson Prince William who has also been spotted playing. Perhaps you’ve gone head to head with them and not even known it!

American celebrities are also fans of online bingo. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton is an online bingo regular. Songstress Barbra Streisand also enjoys logging on and playing the game. The stepmother of the current U.S. president, Barack Obama, also enjoys playing online bingo. Given the excitement provided by online bingo, it’s little surprise that celebrities find the game appealing as well. Next time you log on for a game, consider who you might be playing against.

Playing bingo online with friends

Bingo is an extremely fun game that can be enjoyed by people in all age groups. It is a very simple game that it’s easy for people to learn and play so no one should be afraid to try playing because they think they will not understand it or do well when they’re playing. Everyone will be able to grasp of the basics of the game the first time that they play. The majority of the game is just based on luck as you wait to see what numbers are being called. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to win lots of fun prizes and money while having a great time.

Basically the way the game is played no matter if you’re playing it in real life or online, is that you’re given a card with columns and rows on and. There are boxes that are created by the intersection of these rows and columns and they’re labeled with different numbers in each box. The goal of the game is to listen while the numbers are being drawn at random and you mark off a box on your card if it matches the number being called. If the numbers that have been called match numbers on your card in a specific pattern you declared the winner.

It can be incredibly fun to play bingo online with friends to varying reasons. First of all you’re able to play this game with people that are not anywhere near you. This can be great as it often can be hard to play this game with people who are around. It can also be hard to play with your best friends if they live in long distance away. The Internet allows people that are far away to be able to enjoy the game together. While it may not be the same as playing together in person, it is an opportunity for friends to be able to communicate and enjoyed time together despite being far away from each other.

Another reason that many people like to play bingo with friends is that you can play and the comfort of your own home. Many people like to sit on their couch and watch television off they’re enjoying playing bingo. People are able to eat snacks and meals that have already been purchased while they’re playing bingo online. Many people really enjoy being able to be in their own home while they’re playing bingo online as it allows them to fill relaxed and comfortable which can make the bingo playing experience that much better.

Best of all playing bingo online with friends is a great idea as you can play for any time period that you choose. You not have to take part in the game all night however you can do so if you so choose to. It is all up to you. Playing bingo online will also take up less of your time as it is much faster to be able to logon to the Internet and enjoy the game than it is to drive to land based establishment to play bingo.