Is there such thing as Free Bingo?

You may feel that free mobile bingo sounds too good to be true. Some people feel that nothing is really free and perhaps that the companies only offer free games to tempt you to spend money with them. This may be the case for some and actually it can be really useful. If you are deciding whether or not to deposit some money on a site then playing one of their games will help you to know what the site is like and whether it is worth depositing the money or not. However, this is not always the case.


Many mobile apps make their money from the advertising within them. Some people may find the adverts annoying but it is the way that the person running the site gets an income and they want to be able to do this. Many people would prefer to have advertisements rather than pay for an app. However, you may have the option to pay for the app and get rid of the advertising or could choose to buy an app that has none. You will find that there is a big selection of bingo apps and some will be free and some will not. It is a good idea to read the reviews in order to decide which of these will be the best for you. It can be a good idea to download several of the free ones and try them out in order to see what they are like and what you like and dislike about them. You will then be able to compare them in order to choose the best one for you.

If you pay for the app, you may still be able to play bingo for free, after that initial cost. There will not be any cash prizes though on an app that is free to play. There will not be enough revenue generated for paying out any cash prizes. This means that if you want to win prizes, then you will have to pay to play bingo, rather than playing for free.

Therefore, there is such a thing as free bingo but you should not expect to win anything when you play. You may even have to buy the app if you want it to be free of advertisements. If you want to win prizes then you will need to be prepared to pay for the game that you play.

A Genuine Free Bingo Experience

Just like searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, in the online gaming world free bingo is more often that not just as elusive.

Bingo operators are a savvy bunch that will try just about anything to acquire new customers. Often these methods involve ‘bending’ the rules of advertising standards a little, especially when it comes to free bingo.

Very often, sometimes via TV ads or perhaps paid search marketing, players are enticed by the offer of these free games. Unfortunately though after having signed up to the brand a player will find that these games were little more than a carrot dangling from a stick.

A usual scenario is that the player arrives at the site boasting the free games, only to find that the bingo is only ‘free’ if the player makes a deposit at the site. Usually from a legal perspective the sites operating these tactics will be ‘just’ on the right side of the law. The player however, will generally feel a little used and disappointed.

The problem with free bingo is, as the name suggests, players do not pay to play and therefore the scope for revenue generation is very limited. This is why ‘no strings’ attached free bingo is pretty rare.

We’ve searched high and low for places where you can play and one of the best places to play is Free Bingo Land.  This site has no facility to take payments and operates only as a genuine free to play site.

What we particularly like about Free Bingo Land is the fact that they offer some very generous prizes to their players. Those who play enough to generate a sizeable points balance will be able to redeem those points for prizes such as Amazon vouchers, credit at well known bingo sites or even pledge a donation to Cancer Research!

The software in use at FBL is currently proprietary, meaning you will never have seen it in use elsewhere. The game play is very much the same as what you will have already seen at many different bingo sites and the software even boasts a spin the wheel feature.  In this case, the spin the wheel system is utilised as a clever way to revitalise a users points balance once it has become depleted, the point at which on a pay to play site the user would be required to make a deposit.

As with a regular pay to play site, Free Bingo Land prides itself in offering regular promotions to players, these promotions currently include ‘Amazon Showers’ which takes place every Wednesday evening and offers the winner of the JP an Amazon voucher!

Membership of this site also brings you rewards in terms of excellent deals at pay to play sites. Some of these deals are exclusive and will offer you a better deal than you would get by going direct.

You will also find a comprehensive collection of reviews featuring just about every bingo site available to the UK market. These reviews also feature ‘Community Reviews’ too, where all members can post their opinions about any given site.  All in all, we thoroughly recommend Free Bingo Land as a bingo destination!

Why Yes, Free Bingo Is Indeed Alive And Well!

Sometimes, you just want to play bingo without having to figure out all of the details — anyone feel what we’re really trying to say here? These days with so many distractions in life, it’s time to get back to a time where things were actually simple to understand. Free bingo online is one of those things that just makes sense from every direction you look.

However, if you let some gambling outlets steer you in another direction, they might try to tell you that there’s no such thing as free bingo. Don’t believe that — free bingo is indeed alive and well!

Of course, some places definitely want you to think that there’s no way that you can play for free online. That’s because if they can convince you to avoid free sources, then you’re much more likely to play bingo through a paid source. We don’t believe that you should pay for things that you’re not fully happy with. A lot of casinos do offer free bingo because it gives them the perfect chance to help you get the best experience possible. That means that you’re a lot more likely to actually put real money into it – especially when you know that you could win more money than what you spend!

That’s right — you can actually make money while you’re playing bingo. In the world of bingo, everyone has the chance to actually make money, not just the people that are incredibly good at strategy. If you’re not a fan of strategy games, don’t beat yourself up about it — why not just play online today?

Still not convinced? You can actually look of reviews of free bingo places where you can have fun without spending any money at all. Again, you have to understand that it’s really about getting you to have a good time through a “trial” of sorts. It’s just the way things are done online.

Do yourself a favor and really take the time to look around, and not let the anti-bingo people take you away from enjoying a great game that will give you a lot of entertainment possibilities. Why not get started today — you’ll just love it!

Playing free Bingo

Many of us are worried about money at the moment. With many people losing their jobs there is the chance that more of us will lose them soon.

There are also less jobs to go around and with prices rising and the threat of interest rates going up, many people do not want to spend more money than they have to. A lot of people are trying to save more just in case they will need it in the future. However, this does not mean that you have to give up everything that you find fun. Games such as online bingo are great fun and they can be a great stress reliever as well for many people. However, many people think that you have to pay to play and therefore if they are watching their money they will have to stop. This is not the case though.

There are many sites which offer free versions of their games as well as paid ones. It is unlikely that you will get the same buzz out of playing a version where you do not gamble money but it does mean that you can still play the game you enjoy without having to worry about the cost of it. Try it out and see how you feel because it could make a big difference to the money you have in the bank and it could be a lot of fun as well. If you are worried about the temptation to spend money on a site which offers that option then there are sites where you only have the option to play for free. This means that you will not be able to gamble any money, you will be able to keep playing and then when you have some money available to play with you can back to the other sites and have more fun and spend again.