Tips on How to Win at Bingo

Many people that do not play bingo think that there is no skill to the game and that whether you win or not is just down to luck. You may just think if you click play bingo games here it will make no difference to where you end up. This is not actually the case as there are a number of things which can influence your chances of winning. Assuming that you know how to play the game, there are no skills to learn with regards to the rules of the game, but you can still have an influence on your chances of winning.

Win at Bingo

Number of cards

Each bingo card has an equal chance of winning. This means that if there are ten players, including yourself and you all have a card each, you have a one in ten chance of winning. However, if everyone have one card and you have two, then you have a two in eleven chance of winning. Let’s say you buy five cards and everyone else still has one. You will have a five in fourteen chance of winning now that is a much better chance. Obviously you will not know how many cards the other players have, but if you buy the maximum then you will give yourself a much better chance of winning than buying just one. This will cost more money though and may mean that you cannot play as many games, so it depends on whether you are playing to win or playing for fun. As if you are playing for fun, you will want to fit in as many games as you can afford, but if you are playing to win, you want to give yourself the best possible chance by buying as many cards as you can.

Number of players

If a game has a lot of players, then your chances of winning will be much smaller than if there is just a small group. Therefore it can be a good idea to try to find a way of playing when there are not many players. This could be mainly to do with the time of day that you choose to play. You will tend to find that early in the morning there will be less players form your country playing as well as during the working day, compared to evenings and weekends when it will be busy. However, if it is an international site, then timings will be different and you may have to monitor for a while to find out when the best time to play is.